Welcome to Linumiz

Linumiz stands for Linux Customize,thats why the tag line goes “Linux Customizing for your needs”. We all know Linux is everywhere from handheld mobile devices to huge data center servers. The demand of using Linux in various environments increases rapidly on daily basis. Linuz is very flexiable and can be custamized for everyone needs. We here at Linumiz custamize Linux to fulfill the demands.

About US
In 2014 we had an idea of creating aspiration and deep rooting in young minds to contribute to the open source community. We started the process in early 2015 with regular Training, discussion and knowledge sharing in local Engineering Institutions. We ended up in a state where very few shown up the interest. In late 2015 and early 2016, We named as PenguinTux and continued conducting workshops, seminars on various topics ranging from RTOS, Linux Application Development for Internet of Things (IOT), Custom Linux building etc,. The learning interest of the student community is far away from our thoughts.